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March 2012


Daddy's Juice

Kids say the darnest things.

As I sat in the living room one evening with Domino and Sophie running around, Domino suddenly noticed a shiny, silver can of beer sitting on the brown coffee table.

He slowly walked over to the can, picked it up with his two small hands, and put his right eye up to the hole. He pulled his head away, and looked at Grandma and said in his limited, but accurate vocabulary, "Is Daddy's juice!"

Yes son, that is Daddy's juice.

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One evening, Sophie let both of her parents knows their importance.

"Daddy, you're really good at changing channels."

Not to be outdone.

"Mommy, you're really good at washing the dishes."

Thanks lil' girl, appreciate it.

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Look at this Boy Scout

Little kids sometimes have a hard time following directions, but they usually find a way to totally redeem themselves.

Two nights ago, Sophie was stalling on putting on her pajamas. Momma was getting a bit angry and yelled from the kitchen, "You better have your pajamas on by the time I get to your room."

I placed myself between Big Momma and Little Momma and held her off until Sophie got those pajamas on.

After Sophie brushed her teeth and combed her hair, she came out to me a bit later on and said, "Daddy, you were really good tonight. You earned TWO merit badges! I'm so proud of you."

Where does girl think up this stuff?

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