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May 2012


Children's perceptions of animals can be very different.

As we sat getting ready for the day, Sophie was quizzing lil' Domino about the various animals at the base of his lamp.

"Domino, what is this?"

"A seahorse."

"Very good Domino. Now what is this animal?"

"A sea turtle."

"That's awesome buddy. And this one?"

"A fish."

"And the last one?"

Without hesitation, Domino responded, "a crap".

He still has a hard time distinguishing between the letters b and p.

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Date Night

With free coupons for two bundt cakes, I told Nadine and the kids it was time to get dressed and go out.

Sophie looked at me and said, "You know Daddy, it's just like date night, expect it is family date night. Mommy, Domino, me, and you are all going out together".

It was a good date night.

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As we sat in the car about to leave, Sophie yelled out, "It stinks. Who tooted?"

As Nadine was about to say, "It's coming from outside", Domino interrupted and said, "Me. Me tooted."

And the truth comes out.........and mom and dad were set straight.

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