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Anthony Muskrat

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Our 3 year old Dominic walked out to the front yard.

A neighbor asked him, "What is your name?"

He calmly responded, "Muskrat".

"Oh" he replied taken back. "What is your first name?"

"Anthony. Anthony Muskrat."

Even at 3, I guess you can never be too safe . . . even with friendly neighbors.

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A Two Wheel Bike

and the Appreciation from a 5 year old


On Saturday evening, I started what I thought would be a month long learning process, teaching my daughter how to ride a bike.

Within an hour, it became a one-day lesson and she was riding her bike along the sidewalk with ease.

Sunday evening, I brought Sophie up to church for some wide open space practice.

I watched Dominic on the playground while Sophie did circles around the parking lot.

Minutes later, she parked 40 yards away over by a bench and asked me to sit next here because she had something important to tell me. So I obliged her and shuffled off.

As I sat down, she saddled up to the bench, scooted over next to me, put her little left arm over my taller and wider shoulders, and looked me directly in the eyes, and in a sincere, calm voice said, "Daddy, thank you for teaching me to ride a two wheel bike." Then she kissed me on the cheek.

I can't imagine a sweeter girl than that little Sophie.

Good thing I wrote this down as I will probably need to reread about this sweetness in about 10 years.


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Children's Attempt at Humor

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So both Sophie and Dominic have been trying their hand at humor.

Here is a set of jokes that both of our children told us in the car tonight coming home.

Dominic - How does a train jump over a car without underpants?
Me - How?
Dominic - Told you!

I am still trying to figure it out. Yet Sophie came to the rescue to help out her little brother in the joke department.

Sophie - How does a worm go faster than a bike?
Me - How?
Sophie - Because it doesn't have any eyes.

I still don't get it.

At least this much can be said, they have my persistence in churning out jokes that just aren't that funny. But they keep on trying.


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Apple Juice

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The day of our anniversary, and it was just little Sophie and me in the car, I mentioned that this was the day that Mommy and I got married.

I then described to her how she cried when she was born with two very healthy lungs.

I mentioned that both her and her little brother were the two things that we loved more than anything in life.

She glanced over and questioned me, "Even more than apple juice?"

Yes, even more than apple juice.

Now orange juice . . .

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Knock Knock

Having committed the crime, Domino sat in the corner on the wooden chair with two minutes of solitary confinement.

Not one to waste the time idly, he told himself a joke outloud.

"Knock Knock!"

"Who's there?"

Without breaking a smile and pulling his underwear down, he frankly stated the punch line, "I've got a big wee wee".

He didn't laugh.

Mom and Dad had to hold back their laughter.

Kids say the darnedest things.

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True Love

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I found out from Nadine that Sophie has a boyfriend at school.

She's only 5 years old.

The boy's name is Collin.

So I mentioned to Sophie tonight at dinner, "So you have a boyfriend. Is he nice to you?"

"Dad, of course he is . . . . He loves me!"

At least she knows he had better be nice to her.

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Candidness of children

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As I held Sophie's hand in mine, I was walking a few feet in front of Nadine and Dominic and out of earshot.

I leaned over and asked her, "Would you be my girlfriend?"

"Daddy, I am too young."

I completely agree with her quality response. I hope she answers like that for another 25 years.

She further added, "When I am older, you will be dead."

"What?!?!?" I assured her that I will probably live for a long time.

So I decided to ask her one more probing question.

"So you'll be sad when I am dead, right?"

She pondered her answer for several seconds and quipped, "I am not sure."

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My Finger Hurts!

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Making a quick call from Uruguay to the family back in Omaha, Nadine answers.

We talk very briefly and then I talk to the little man.

"Hi Daddy. My finger hurts" he told me in a sullen voice.

"What happened?"

"The potty."

Apparently when he was trying to sit on the potty, the lid fell, and he sat down still, with his finger between the lid and potty.

Even a day after, it still hurts.

Darn potty.

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Blue? Really?

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The family is completing chores around the house and all of a sudden we hear coming from the bathroom, "Mommy, come look at this!"

Not the most reaffirming and anticipated words one wants to hear from their child in the bathroom.

Then Nadine said, "John, you have to come look at this!"

Apparently the frosting from my birthday cake had taken the liberty of changing part of her "deposits" blue.

This can easily be described many ways. Gross, funny, a little odd, and maybe a bit too much information for the average reader.

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The Start of a Streak

The Pleasures of Potty Training

Our little son has reached the age and maturity level where potty training is ideal.

As our son sat on the crapper, being confined to one spot for over a minute and maybe being a bit constipated, he cried.

I consoled him by hugging while he pooped.

But just like that, he finished his business and successfully completed his first "mission".

And he left a streak just to prove it.

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