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A Light Sunday Morning Conversation between a 4 year old and his parents

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Sunday morning, Domino is talking with Mom and me in the living room.

"Daddy and Dominic both start with 'D', that's alliteration".

Nadine and I both looked at each other in shock with the same thought, "How in the hell does he know that word?"

Even with our combined schooling, we weren't quite sure what alliteration was. And after double checking it quickly online, yes, he used it correctly.

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Yeah, I Said Beer

What's to drink

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Today at school, Ms. Nicky interviewed Domino.

"What would you do if you were thirsty?"

Domino thought for a second, "Ahhh, I would go to the kitchen."

"Open the fridge."

"Take out some water . . . "

"And some juice . . ."

"And some milk . . . "

And with a sly look in his eye "And I would take out the beer. Yeah, I said beer."

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Mmmm . . . Yogrit!

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As our beautiful daughter learns to read and write phonetically, she occasionally leaves little notes for her parents.

Here is today's note:

Dere mom

I don't like these
yogrit. Ples give me
the oror yogrit
LOV SoPhie

To the point and polite. Gotta love it.

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Mr. Nobody

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As the whole family sat in bed last night and thanking God for five things we are thankful for, Domino stole the show.

"I'm thankful for Mommy."

"Hmmm, and Sophie."

"Anyone else Dominic," Nadine politely asked.

"Mr. Nobody!"

"Who's Mr. Nobody?"


That just lets you know where you sit in the family hierarchy.

Tonight while attempting the eternal challenge of getting my son to brush his tiny little teeth I asked, "So Domino, am I Mr. Nobody today?"

"No! You're Mister Poopy Farter Head".

Well there ya go.

Have a great night.

Mr. Poopy Farter Head

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I'm Just That Kinda Person

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Sophie came out of our room and said matter of factly, "I wrote a song."

Nadine responded, "that's pretty good".

Then Nadine continued, "I really like how you write songs and draw pictures".

Moments later, Sophie now lying down in her bed, simply stated, "Well, I'm just that kinda person".

Yes, yes you are.

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